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What's This For?

Need help picking a paint color? 
This is the spot!
Wondering how to tackle your scariest closet?
Upload a photo and receive tips just for YOU with no judgment!
Need some added motivation?
Join challenges for added accountability & prizes!
Looking for a group of supportive friends with similar interests?
We're here!
Feeling overwhelmed?
We've got your back! 

What Do You Get?

Personalized help making well-informed decisions about the things that are important to you - especially in your home.

Inspiration to take action and a bit of friendly accountability to get things done.

Interaction and friendship with other readers who share your interests. 

Who's This For?

Most likely, you!
Whether you're moving into your first apartment, downsizing in retirement, or anywhere in between, there is a spot for you in the Polished Habitat Society.

The only "requirement" is that you're kind and supportive in all your interactions with other members. 

This is a place where it's okay to be imperfect and share what you're working on. We believe that NO ONE has it all together, all the time. We believe in progress over perfection, and that we can have joy during the progress. 

Above all us, we believe that the happier we are when we're in our homes, the happier we can be outside our homes. And if that means an extra smile or compliment to a stranger or more patience with our families, it's priceless. 

What Are the Members Saying?

Even though it's new, and we're new, it already has a feeling of community. A safe place to share our messes or look for advice or support to start a project without being shamed or schooled in proper design.  - D

I agree, D. It's also a great place to get ideas for areas to tackle next compared to some sites that have a strict outline.  - K

I do like the feeling of being more of a community. Great ideas, cool to send pictures and get feedback. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one with messes!  This is the perfect place for sharing ideas, whether you are just starting out or downsizing.  And anywhere in between.  Whether it’s a change in styles or lifestyle, Melissa has launched the perfect place for us!!  -S 

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